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Do You Make These Flossing Mistakes?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Office
Do You Make These Flossing Mistakes?Most of our patients understand the value of flossing. Without regular flossing plaque will collect between your teeth and lead to serious bacterial growth and tooth decay over time.

Even those that realize the benefits of flossing might not be doing it quite right though. Below are the most common flossing mistakes and some tips to help you avoid making them.

Avoid These Flossing Mistakes

Avoiding each of these common mistakes will go a long way toward making sure you're getting the most value out of your daily flossing sessions. The number one mistake we see patients making is flossing too quickly or too roughly. Floss gently and avoid putting too much pressure on your gums while doing so. Gently pull the plaque down and away from the gums while flossing and try to avoid making your gums bleed while flossing. Also take care to avoid flossing more than once a day to keep from unnecessarily irritating your gums in the process.

Flossing more often than this can do more harm than good and offers little benefit. It's also important to avoid flossing alone. You should be brushing regularly as well as flossing to keep your teeth clean. Focusing on just flossing won't give you the clean teeth you need for good health. Instead, also brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, and use a high-quality oral mouth rinse to neutralize all the bacteria that could cause problems for you.

By taking care to avoid the flossing mistakes outlined above, you can preserve your oral health and make the most of every cleaning session. We also encourage you to come into our office for two professional cleanings a year as a preventative measure to keep your mouth in the best health possible. Taking these simple measures will go a long way toward helping you avoid oral complications in the future.
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