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Truth About Root Canal Dangers

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Office
Truth About Root Canal Dangers Root canal treatment is one of the safest endodontic treatments to help save your natural tooth. The success rate of root canal treatments is about 95 percent. Despite this, a lot of people are frightened by the prospects of root canal. The major reason behind that are some prevailing myths that arose from poorly conducted research in the early 20th century. Like all medical procedures, root canal treatments carry a small chance of complication, though these are very rare and can be managed easily at Magnolia Modern Dentistry.

Root Canal Complications

Some factors that can cause root canal complications include:

Persistent Bacteria

If bacteria and infection persists inside a root canal treated tooth, it can cause re-infection. That's why CLIENTEX:DOCNAME1]]] and Dr. Alan D. Reid, DMD are properly trained to clean and sterilize the root canal when performing the procedure.

Insufficient Filling

Root canal treatments that involve inadequate sealant or overfilled sealant may result in a root canal failure. This only happens in very rare cases and can be fixed with a repeat surgery.

Improper Crown

The crown that sits on top of your tooth not just helps strengthen your tooth and restore your ability to chew, it also acts as a defensive barrier against bacteria. If the crown is not properly fabricated, it may not be able to prevent reintroduction of bacteria inside your tooth.

Untreated Canals

A tooth may have more canals in a single root and they may be difficult to know that. If missed, these untreated canals may result in complications. If any of these issues arise after your root canal treatment, we may perform retreatment to solve the issue. However, complications are very uncommon when it comes to root canal. If you think you may require a root canal treatment, don't be afraid to schedule an appointment with us by calling at (530)671-1770 today.
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