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:Dental Scaling Explained

Posted on 4/30/2020 by Office
:Dental Scaling Explained If you have gum disease that keeps coming back, we at Magnolia Modern Dentistry may recommend a deep cleaning procedure requiring dental scaling. Dental scaling is the most common non-invasive, non-surgical ways to treat periodontitis or gum disease. Scaling with remove the stubborn tartar and hardened calculus form your teeth and help your teeth regain their former glory. If you suffer from severe periodontitis, we may also recommend scaling before starting on a gum surgery.

Is Dental Scaling Necessary?

The sticky, infectious plaque that is the major causes of gum diseases accumulates in the area along and below the gum line. Because of gum disease, your gums may be slightly receded from your teeth and may form hollow pockets which become breeding ground for bacteria. If this is the case with you, Dr. John Brady, DMD and Dr. Alan D. Reid, DMD may recommend dental scaling for you. Dental scaling is non-surgical but is a deeper cleaning than your standard dental prophylaxis treatment as it aims to treat active disease rather than prevent it.

What to Expect During Dental Scaling

Before starting the scaling process, you will be given local anesthesia to numb your gums and tooth root. However, tooth scaling cause very little discomfort. We will use specialized instruments like an ultrasonic scaling instrument with a vibrating tip that is effective in loosening large clumps of tartar. Additionally we will also use pointed instruments, called scalers, to manually scrape of any stubborn tartar. Scaling is followed by root planing in which we smooth the root surface so that bacteria cannot find any purchase on the tooth root. The whole process is usually finished in a single visit. After the procedure, your gums will be numb and tender; however, this feeling will pass in a few hours. If you maintain a good oral hygiene at home and come for frequent dental cleaning appointments, your gums will regain their healthy pink and firm appearance. Note that people who have compromised immune system should inform us about their medical history. The procedure may introduce bacteria into the bloodstream, so precautions may need to be taken. But if done properly, dental scaling comprise of next to no risks. To schedule an dental cleaning appointment, call us at (530)671-1770 today.
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