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Why Should I Get A Sports Guard For My Child?

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Office
Why Should I Get A Sports Guard For My Child?Sports are a great activity. They keep your child or teen active and healthy. They help your child or teen to make new friends and how to work well with others. Many sports, however, pose risks for injuries. Therefore, your child or teen wears the proper protective gear to keep themselves safe. This gear often includes padding and a helmet. In addition to these protective measures, your child or teen should also be wearing a sports guard. Magnolia Modern Dentistry can help.

Types of Sports Guards

There are a few different types of sports guards. These include:

•  Stock sports guards. Stock mouth guards are widely available at most sporting goods stores. While these sports guards are the most affordable option, they are pre-molded. This means that they may not fit your child properly. If the sports guard does not fit correctly, it can lead to difficulty breathing and increase the risk of injury.
•  Boil and bite sports guards. These types of sports guards are also widely available at sporting goods stores. They are made to be boiled in water for a short period and cooled briefly before your child bites into it. This creates a semi-custom mold of the mouth.
•  Custom fit sports guards. A custom fit sports guard is one that we create specifically for your child. It is made using impressions of their mouth and is designed to provide an ideal fit. While it may be more expensive than the other options, a custom fit sports guard fits perfectly in their mouth to provide them with the best protection.

Benefits of a Sports Guard

There are many benefits to wearing a sports guard.

•  They protect the teeth from injuries such as cracks and chips.
•  They prevent tooth displacement and avulsion.
•  They protect soft tissues from injuries such as lacerations.
•  They protect the jaw from fractures and dislocation.
•  They reduce the risk for concussions.
•  By protecting the mouth of your child, they also aid in the prevention of serious, and expensive, dental treatments.

If your child is participating in a sport, a sports guard is an essential part of their protective gear that should not be overlooked. For more information on a custom sports guard, and to get one for your child or teen, call Magnolia Modern Dentistry today at (530)671-1770.
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