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How A Flossing Threader Makes Flossing Easier For Those With Braces?

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Office
How A Flossing Threader Makes Flossing Easier For Those With Braces?People with braces often find it difficult to maintain optimum levels of oral hygiene. This is because it is difficult to maneuver the brush over the braces and get into the corners where food particles get stuck. Each time we have patients coming in to get their braces fixed, we recommend they use a flossing threader to clean their teeth regularly.

While regular flossing is easy for people without braces, those with braces will find it difficult to clean their teeth with traditional floss. However, a flossing threader is easy to use over your braces and around it as well. It also allows you to get in between those gaps, helping you maintain good oral hygiene.

Benefits Of A Flossing Threader

At our clinic, we noticed that individuals with braces were at a higher risk of suffering from gum diseases, tooth decay, and gingivitis. This was because they couldn't clean their teeth effectively. With the help of a flossing threader, they can easily go under the wire and clean each tooth properly to ensure that there are no food particles which could result in tooth decay and gum diseases.

If your kid is small and has braces, we could show them how to use the flossing threader to ensure they maintain good levels of oral hygiene. It is recommended to floss at least twice a day. However, if you have eaten something sticky and you feel your braces are not clean, you can floss after your meals as well. You should also keep your flossing threader clean and ensure you replace it in a timely manner.

We ensure that everyone who comes in to get their teeth aligned understands the importance of personal oral hygiene. Our professionals are committed to train every patient so that they learn how to clean their teeth independently using a flossing threader, post getting their braces fitted in their mouths. Instead of risking your oral hygiene, floss those teeth regularly and keep them clean. If you want to ensure that your teeth don't just look pretty, but are also healthy, visit our professionals for an oral assessment today.
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