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Symptoms Caused from Not Getting Enough Fluoride

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Office
Symptoms Caused from Not Getting Enough FluorideFluoride is readily available to most people, whether in the drinking water, their toothpaste, or a fluoride rinse. When it comes to protecting your teeth, fluoride is very useful. It aids in strengthening your enamel, and therefore preventing cavities.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride, which is a mineral, is naturally in your bones and teeth, and helps in keeping your teeth strong, and cavity free. When depleted, you are left at risk for tooth decay. For this reason, many cities add fluoride to their city water.

Are You Depleted in Fluoride?

A dental exam is the best way to know if you need to add additional fluoride to your daily tooth care routine. Excessive tooth decay is often a tell tale sign that you may benefit from extra fluoride.

Symptoms are usually pain in the tooth, visible or unseen cavities, and a sudden unusual amount of cavities. In other words… tooth decay. Fluoride can reverse this risk by strengthening your tooth enamel.

How to Add More Fluoride to Your Routine

The first step is to come in and see us for regular dental check ups. In between your regular visits, if you notice any symptoms such as pain in a tooth, call us right away and we will take a look at it, and work quickly to fix it.

After an exam, we may recommend a fluoride rinse, or a supplement, along with your toothpaste and flossing. A rinse is simply used after brushing, swished around your mouth, and spit out. Most rinses will tell you in the directions to not eat or drink for at least thirty minutes after using. This gives the fluoride time to adhere to your teeth.

Rinses are usually purchased over the counter, but may also be prescribed. Supplements are not used as often, but can be prescribed if necessary.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and helping you protect your tooth enamel.
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