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Teeth Begin To Decay Below the Gum line

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Office
Teeth Begin To Decay Below the Gum lineWhen plaque, a sticky film filled with bacteria, builds up inside your mouth, the bacteria produce acids that dissolve the tooth enamel. Over time, you may develop a pit in your teeth, leading to the formation of a cavity. Plaque notoriously accumulates in specific areas in your teeth. For instance, it can easily build-up along the gum line. If not removed, you may end up with tooth decay or a cavity at the gum line.

Gum line cavities are also associated with the exposure of tooth roots. The gum line protects your tooth roots. If your gum tissue recedes, due to conditions like gum disease, your roots are vulnerable.

Symptoms of Decay below the Gum line

The first stages of tooth decay can be hard to notice, but decay in the gum line is typically easy to spot. If you brush your teeth regularly and the persistent bad breath won't go away, then the rot has probably spread to your gum line. The gums could also be swollen, tender, and even bleed. At this point, you may start to experience tooth sensitivity and pain. Teeth could also appear longer because the gum line around your teeth is receding.

Gum line Decay Treatment

Treatment for this kind of decay depends on the extent of the damage. One of the solutions involves placing a quality filling. The procedure is painless because the patient is placed under local anesthesia. We will remove the decayed material around the tooth and affected gum areas using a drill or a laser. After that, we will fill the cavity using your preferred filling material. If the extent of the decay is severe, we may have to perform a minor gum surgery so as to access the cavity. After such treatment, most patients heal with minimal difficulty and discomfort. The patient also needs to be keen on hygiene around the area. If you have any of the symptoms of decay or suspect something is not right, contact us or visit our offices for a checkup.
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