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Types of Sports Mouthguards

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Office
Types of Sports MouthguardsAccording to reports, about 36% of all unintentional injuries to children and teens occur while playing sports. However, we can reduce this number by wearing sports mouthguards.

Sports mouthguards are tough plastic devices that appear similar to retainers. These mouthguards are worn over the teeth in order to prevent any damage to your teeth and soft tissue during physical activities.

However, there are some kinds of mouthguards that are better than the other. In this guide, we will understand the types of sports mouthguards available and which one is the most effective.

Types of Sports Mouthguards

Sports mouthguards are available in three distinct types:

Stock Sports Mouthguard

These mouthguards come in one-size-fits-all and are available over the counter at any pharmacy, sports store and general store. However, since they are not tailored to the contours of your mouth, they are quite ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

These mouthguards feel bulky in your mouth and may make breathing during sports difficult. Since they do not fit well, they can also slip away from your teeth while you are playing, leaving your mouth vulnerable.

Stock mouthguards are also often made of low-quality material which can break from a blow; hence, they do not provide good protection for your teeth.

Boil-and-Bite Sports Mouthguard

Boil-and-bite sports mouthguards are made from a thermoplastic material that turns soft and malleable when it is boiled. You can then bite into these mouthguards, creating an impression of your teeth, and wear them.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards offer better protection than stock mouthguards since they fit well. They are readily available at sporting goods stores.

Custom Mouthguard

At Magnolia Modern Dentistry, Dr. John Brady, DMD and Dr. Alan D. Reid, DMD advocate the use of custom mouthguards. These mouthguards are made with tough and highly resistant thermoplastic and are perfectly tailored to your mouth. Hence, they offer the most comfort and protection.

We can create a custom mouthguard for you by taking an impression of your teeth and fabricating the mouthguard according to your exact specifications.
Custom mouthguards do not break and can last you for several seasons.

If you are interested in getting a custom sports mouthguard for yourself or your kid, call us today at (530)671-1770 to schedule an appointment with us.

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