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We Always Should Check Dental Chips to Ensure Your Tooth Is Still Safe

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Office
We Always Should Check Dental Chips to Ensure Your Tooth Is Still SafeWhile the enamel is the hardest part of a tooth, it has its limitations. When exposed to a powerful blow or extreme wear, the result is a sharp or uneven tooth surface. Extensive chipping allows bacteria in the tooth leading to other infections.

Causes of Teeth Chipping

Eating acidic and spicy food weakens the enamel and exposes the tooth surface. Equally, cavities, tooth decay, and huge fillings make the teeth susceptible to cracking. Another common cause is heartburn or acid reflux. These medical conditions expose the teeth to stomach acids, which damage the enamel. Excess sugar and starch augment the growth of acidic emitting bacteria in the mouth. In the long run, the teeth easily chip when exposed to such harsh conditions. As you age, enamel covering wears out, leading to easier tooth chipping.

How to Take Care of Your Chipped Tooth

Lower jaw molars are more at risk of getting chipped because of the chewing pressure. Nonetheless, any weak tooth may suffer the same fate after biting hard objects, accidents, or tooth grinding. If you notice a chipped tooth, visit us right away for early treatment. If in pain, take a painkiller and anti-inflammatory, as prescribed by our professionals. Then, position a temporary filling material around the teeth jagged edges.

Use a dental wax or tea bag to protect the sharp points from harming your tongue. If the affected tooth irritates the gum, place ice on the outer part of the cheek. Floss your mouth to remove food particles, which may put more pressure on the injured tooth. Restrain from chewing using the damaged teeth. When playing rough sports or sleeping, always wear a mouth guard to protect your tooth. Although chipping is not a dental crisis, early treatment avoids escalating the issue. Contact our offices for fast and effective chipped tooth treatment.
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