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Dental Bonding
Yuba City, CA

Woman with white teeth smiling at Magnolia Modern Dentistry in Yuba City, CAAre you tired of your smile? Is it less than perfect, so you hide your smile from others? At Magnolia Modern Dentistry, we want you to love your smile once again. We offer a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to help make that happen – tooth bonding. The bonding procedure can help with stained, damaged, and mildly misaligned teeth, making you love your smile all over again.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding sounds complicated, but it is just a resin that we place over your tooth’s enamel. There is nothing invasive about the procedure. You do not need anesthetic or lengthy appointments. We start by evaluating your mouth and listening to your complaints about your smile. We then put together a plan to help you restore your smile.

Bonding is made of resin that is the same color as your teeth. We custom make the resin to ensure that it matches your other teeth. Otherwise it would be obvious that you had tooth restoration completed. The resin is almost like a putty that we mold onto your tooth. Before we do this, we may have to remove a small amount of the tooth’s enamel to ensure a comfortable fit. Our dentists are experts at the process and know just how much enamel to remove.

Preparing Your Teeth

In addition to removing some of the tooth’s enamel, we will roughen up the tooth’s surface. This gives the resin something to stick to, giving you the beautiful smile you desire. Once we prepare the tooth, we apply the resin and shape it to match your other teeth. We will use your input as we work to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the appearance. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Precautions With Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can withstand some pressure, but you will need to exercise caution. We tell patients to avoid hard or sticky foods whenever possible. Just like your tooth’s enamel, bonding can chip if you bite into something too hard or sticky.

You should also use caution with staining foods. Berries, wine, coffee, and soda can all stain dental bonding. Unlike your natural tooth enamel, we cannot whiten tooth bonding. If it becomes too stained, you would need new dental bonding. If you do consume any staining food or drink, make sure to follow it up by rinsing with water to remove the staining agents from your mouth.

The Expert in Dental Bonding

Our dentists and staff are experts in cosmetic dentistry. We help our patients find the right solution to correct their less than perfect smile. Our staff will go over the pros and cons of dental bonding as well as all other cosmetic dentistry procedures that we offer to help you choose the one that is just right for you.

If you would like to know more about how dental bonding can help you, call Magnolia Modern Dentistry at (530)671-1770 today. Our staff will get you an appointment for a consultation where our dentists can help you choose the right cosmetic dentistry proceed.
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At Magnolia Modern Dentistry, we offer dental bonding, which can help deal with stained, damaged, and mildly misaligned teeth. Call us today at (530) 671-1770.
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